Four Colour Thoughts – Seven Secrets #1

The Creators – Tom Taylor – Writer, Daniele Di Nucuolo – Artist, Walter Baiamonte & Katia Ranalli – Colours, Ed Dukeshire – Letters

The Players – Eva, Sigurd, Amon

The Story – There are secrets in the world that need protecting and seven of them in particular more than most. Many people have wanted those secrets over the years and a man named Amon is one of those who means to do whatever it takes to secure them.

The Take – Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nucuolo create a thrilling first issue with a ton of action starting right out of the gate. It then cuts back to three months previous when a hidden base belonging to the Order of the Seven is attacked by a man named Amon, a man looking to claim the secret they have stored there. At this point, the creators of this tale introduce Eva and Sigurd into the picture, a Keeper and a Holder respectively and people whom readers assume will be the stars of the book. Sigurd stays back to hold the invasion force off while Eva makes a run for it and by the end of the story, it will find them successful in doing so though one of them will pay the ultimate price. What signals exceptionally strong writing is the fact that when that particular character dies, the reader feels for them as Taylor goes into their backgrounds and fleshes them out, laying out who they are, what they do, provides some great characterization and enough so that by the end, the reader is rooting for them. Accompanying all of this is some narration that explains certain things to the reader and adds a bit of dramatic flair to the proceedings and while one expects it to be from one of the leads, it turns out to be from someone else which makes it all quite interesting, giving readers perhaps a hint of what might be in store come future issues. Di Nucuolo provides some exceptional artwork aided by the colours of Baiamonte and Katia Ranalli thus making the book not only read very well but look incredible too. Fun, exciting and suspenseful with non-stop action, secrets and mysteries galore combined with an intriguing villain and complicated heroes with even more packed into this introductory story, Taylor and Di Nucuolo have created one of the best first issues to premiere in quite a while, featuring enough to hook readers in immediately which is a sure-fire sign of success.

Worth It? – Yes.

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