Four Colour Thoughts – Bliss #1

The Creators – Sean Lewis – Story, Caitlin Yarsky – Art

The Players – Benton O’Hara, Mabel O’Hara, Damian O’Hara

The Story – A son is held to account for his father’s crimes.

The Take – Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky begin the book with what seems like a bit of the familiar, something that has been seen or at the very least, heard before and yet, it does not remain so as they take the book into a very different direction. Starting things off with a confession, at least of a sort, is a good way to hook readers in and the creators immediately make it compelling by doing so. Readers are made privy to a man talking about his father and clearly, he loves him a lot but as events unfold throughout the issue it is revealed that the man may not have been as good a person as he seemed. True, he lives in a city where it is hard to make an honest living and trying to get ahead seems all but unheard of. Tales of violence pepper the book, nothing unfamiliar to those who currently live in the world today, but it is when the hospital bills are mounting that Benton O’Hara looks to make a bit of cash any way that he can. That offer comes in the form of three strange creatures who offer what seems a perfect solution – become an assassin for them, killing whoever they want and whenever they want and in return not only will Benton receive the money he so desperately needs, but they will give him a vial of Bliss so that the memory of what he has just done will no longer exist. Suffice it to say that from the crowds gathered around his son Damian where he is being held to account both when the book starts and when it ends, that Benton must have taken them up on the offer. Not only is the story captivating, but so is the artwork throughout with very slick pencils from Yarsky and muted colours to perfectly capture the feel of this noir-like slice of science-fiction. Where it goes from here is guesswork but if the subsequent issues remain as good as this first one, then it is sure to be quite good, if not incredible.

Worth It? – Yes.

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