Issue by Issue – Night Force Vol.2 #2

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Brent Anderson
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – John Costanza

Like the issue before it, the second outing for the second iteration of Night Force begins with some disturbing scenes and like the first, it involves sacrifice and this time, children. Marv Wolfman and Brent Anderson definitely set the scene and the mood for what is to come, but as it turns out, the rest of the book would not be as frightening though there would be some horror. Starring Baron Winters, the same mysterious man who ushered in that first series so long before, and his trusty partner-in-crime Merlin, he would have the boy named Quinn who just tried to murder his mom brought to his house in order to determine just what is going on. It vexes Winters that there is something he cannot seem to recall about the tattoo on Quinn’s neck and so he brings in Donovan Caine, for if there is anyone other than himself who will know, it is Caine. What follows is some cursing, a ritual and a bit of history and then a gathering of people who most likely do not realize that they are to be members of the Baron’s new Night Force. As the book moves towards its conclusion, the team is sent back in time, though the reason for the trip is never explicitly laid out which causes a little confusion until finally, it all wraps up with an assassination by yet another child. Like much of his Night Force work, Wolfman likes to keep things close to the chest, nice and mysterious to keep the readers both guessing and hanging on and while that is exactly what happens here, it also feels like he might have left a few bits out to make it a better reading experience, especially during the latter half of the book. Most of the events that take place rush through from one to the next with little explanation, segueing abruptly rather than naturally and it makes at least this particular issue, less than stellar. As for Anderson, the man can do no wrong, his pencils as good as they always are and conveying the horror of those aforementioned events perfectly. Hopefully, things wrap up nice and neat with the next issue’s conclusion to the story and a bit of the mystery behind Winters being revealed.

3 out of 5

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