Four Colour Thoughts – DCeased: Dead Planet #1

The Creators – Tom Taylor – Writer, Trevor Hairsine – Artist, Gigi Baldassini & Stefano Guadiano – Inkers, Rain Beredo – Colours, Saida Temofonte – Letters

The Players – Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Dinah Lance, Cyborg, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Kilowog, Krypto

The Story – Set some years after the first DCeased miniseries, the denizens of Earth 2 including the grown-up Damien Wayne and Jonathan Kent, receive a signal in Morse code from the Earth they abandoned. It seems Cyborg is alive and looking for help. They find themselves obliged to help.

The Take – While one might think DCeased is a lot like Marvel Zombies, and it is, Tom Taylor has been steadily driving the ship in a specific direction and with this current series it discovers the exiled heroes finding their way back to Earth in order to save a friend and teammate. Along for the ride is Trevor Hairsine whose pencils are perfectly suited for a tale such as this, lending both to the heroic and the horrific which this book embodies. Taylor begins it all with Cyborg, his ‘death’ and of how he still lives and of the signal he sends out which is the catalyst for everything that follows. There is a little bit of Earth-2 stuff and some aliens, but it is when the heroes decide to head back to their original home when things really pick up. While it was almost foreshadowed by Taylor at the beginning of the story, the original Wonder Woman returns as the rescue mission is taking place and with her now being one of those affected by the corrupted Anti-Life Equation, she starts destroying – first their ship and then kills one of the last remaining heroes. Taylor packs the story with a lot of drama, especially the latter half and the tragedy that takes place is felt by both the characters and the reader as it is not only tragic but quite possibly a precursor as to what is going to happen to all of them. The artwork by Hairsine is especially effective in this moment and if there is one standout moment in the whole book, it is this one, making what follows in the next six issues all the more important if that certain hero’s death is to mean anything. Of course, it is all left on a cliff-hanger, with another life in the balance but knowing the heroes and the creative team, a win might not be certain, but those who came for Cyborg may just live to tell the tale.

Worth It? – Absolutely.

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