Not Quite Dead – Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

The sixth Leprechaun film to star Warwick Davis and what would turn out to be his last would end up being a fairly decent affair. There was still a bit of silliness to it all, how could there not be, and a little bit of blood and gore here and there, but it would definitely not end up being the best of the bunch and not a movie that one could call scary in the slightest. What was also a little surprising, though considering the rest of the films in the series it should not have been, was that it was not a sequel to the last picture, more so in title than anything else.

It all begins with an animated beginning that really has nothing to do with anything followed by Lubdan’s defeat at the hands of a priest. After twenty or so minutes of introducing the cast of players to the audience watching, the leprechaun makes his return to the screen, once again forgoing the rhyming that is his signature and it finds him in rare form as Davis plays up the physical comedy of the role more than the verbal. As for the story, it involves Lubdan’s gold which is spent by a group of friends on various things, something that he takes issue with and so they eventually pay the price until he himself is defeated.

There was nothing new added to this installment, everything present having been seen numerous times over and it is worth watching only for the performance from Davis who had to rely upon making the movie more humorous through action instead of the script provided by Steven Ayromlooi. It is a bit of a shame that Davis was not able to rhyme his way through the film as that is half of what made previous installments so good. That aside, there might not have been anything truly inventive or new in terms of content, but it was at least entertaining which is more than can be said for a couple of the movies in the franchise.

2.5 out of 5

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