Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld #2

Writer – Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn
Artist – Ernie Colón
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – John Costanza

Amy Winston awakens during the night and decides to see if what she experienced was just a dream and so, with a little concentration, she finds herself back in Gemworld, transformed into Amethyst where she is promptly taken prisoner by a man named Carnelian. Having disarmed her of the gem which provides her magic, she is powerless to stop him and the blade at her throat. Carnelian is taking her to Lord Opal and there is nothing that anyone can do about it, much less Citrina who is also forced to do his bidding, preventing anyone from going after them. Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn, despite throwing Amy into a perilous situation, portray her far cooler and collected than what one would expect. As it is, it is perhaps the first time that readers will see her acting more like the princess she is supposed to be than the thirteen-year-old girl she is when on Earth. Things get really interesting when Citrina, who is trying to reverse her spell, hears some strange noise and opens a portal through which Amy’s dog Taffy appears, having followed her master through and having become stuck when the portal closed behind Amy. Now Taffy is off to find Amy and she might just be the key to the young girl’s survival. Illustrated by the one and only Ernie Colón, the man is a master at what he does and gives readers much to look at with each and every page, whether it be the mechanical tiger that Carnelian rides, the strange creatures of Gemworld or the fearsome Dark Opal who is making deals with strange aliens while all of this is going on. Back on Earth, Amy’s parents discover her missing once again and are worried sick, this time even going so far as to call the police despite them knowing that Taffy is with her and thus she is most likely all right. As for Amethyst herself, with Taffy’s help, she manages to get free and fends off the dangerous thief and assassin as represented by Carnelian. With the end of the story, Mishkin and Cohn leave readers wanting more, especially as it seems that Opal himself will now have to get involved to take care of his Amethyst problem as he cannot rely upon those who serve him.

4 out of 5

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