Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #19

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Howard Bender
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Nelson Yomtov
Letters – Janice Chiang

Beneath their feet, Homeworld is currently breaking apart from the DNA-like chain that it was into multiple spheres and the Micronauts have no idea if where they are standing will not simply crumble away. Emotions are high at the moment and things do not get any better with Solitaire acting strangely and Scion arriving on the scene. The two clash momentarily until there is nothing left to do but reveal the truth of it all and that truth comes from Solitaire who had been hiding her true nature this entire time. So it is shown that Solitaire’s origins are the same as Scion’s, she was born from an egg by the makers and where her purpose was to give life to a planet, she chose instead to live and forgo the role that was intended for her. From that moment on, she has lived for thousands of years, exploring and learning and doing and all of that leading to this very moment that now calls for her to sacrifice. It is something that should never have happened in the first place and now that she is asked to do so, she finds that she still cannot come to do it. Her failure as a newborn life form is not the only thing that led Homeworld and the Micronauts to this point though, but Baron Karza as well who opens up this issue as Peter B. Gillis and Howard Bender look back at the recent past, of his machinations and of how he essentially destroyed the planet with his Prometheus pits. It is a devastating tale, but there is a way to save Homeworld, something that Acroyear learned from the Makers and it is for all of the Micronauts to give up their lives that the Microverse and Homeworld be reborn. Again, Solitaire cannot do so and flees, but the rest are true heroes and decide to do that which they have done time and again – save everyone. While all of it makes for a very captivating read, it is the finale where it really becomes interesting as Commander Rann must take up the armour of Baron Karza and essentially become him in order that things turn out the way they hope. How that is to be, remains to be seen, but with one final issue left in the series, it is sure to be a story that is just as good.

4 out of 5

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