Issue by Issue – Arak: Son of Thunder #34

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Randall, Gerald Forton
Inker – Rick Magyar
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – David Cody Weiss

Arak is alive though he should not be and as such, continues to do what he has always done which is helping others in their time of need. At the moment, it is to the two daughters of the alchemist who helped defeat the dinosaur that Arak turns his attention to as they look to gain his protection on the way to the Eastern desert to bury their father. It is on this journey that Satyricus continues his flirting and exactly where it stops as one of the girls turns out to be a boy when an accident takes place and said boy being a prince of Arabia, long having been hidden in case of assassination. Be that as it may, the mission remains the same and the group manages to accomplish what they set out to do. When a falling star is seen that night though, it bodes an ill omen and when Satyricus and Arak set out to find would and dinner, the former comes across a fair maiden, her foot caught in some rocks. Just prior to this, a falling star would streak across the sky which the kids would call a Ghúl, a dire portent and it just so happens that it is that which Satyricus has come across though he knows it not. All of this leads to Arak facing off against a Djinn, a creature he should have no hope against, but after a little meditation and with his trusty Otomahuk by his side, he defeats it all the same. Roy Thomas and Ron Randall do a great job with the story, featuring some great action, a new creature not having been seen in the book previously and a revelation that Arak can now be considered a shaman, the man having been changed from his meeting with He-No in the last issue. Additionally, there is a secondary tale that stars Arak as a child, something readers had been introduced to while He-No revealed his origins not long past. It is a fun little tale that finds Arak just as brave and as adventurous as he is currently, though it is one that features some of the other kids of his tribe treating him unfairly, so much so that they challenge him to retrieve an object if he is to continue playing with them. As it is though, Arak tries to do just that and learns a bit of a lesson in the process. This was yet another great issue in a long line of great issues by Thomas and Randall at the top of their game.

4 out of 5

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