Issue by Issue – Star Hunters #7

Writer – David Michelinie, Bob Layton
Artist – Rich Buckler
Inker – Tom Sutton
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Shelly Leferman

While the series might have started out a little rough, it ended with a bang and a cliff-hanger to boot as the ending that was promised would never come to be, the book being part of the DC Implosion. That was probably the saddest thing about it all, simply for the fact that the book was finally finding its groove and becoming a must-read title. As for the contents, it would find Donovan Flint who was left in a life or death situation when the previous issue ended, get himself out of it and somehow manage with a little bit of luck and a bit of skill, completing the mission he had set out to do in the first place. So it is that Flint now has an army behind him, one large enough to pose a threat to those of The Corporation who oppose them. All that is needed is a little training and one hell of a pep talk, though it is one that is unlike any the men have heard before. This is where David Michelinie reveals what happened with the Entity, of how it saved Flint from certain death for a mission and a purpose of great importance and of how Flint saw the future, one which he wants no part of and why he does what he does now. It is not long before Flint’s forces and those of The Corporation meet up in battle during which Flint crash lands back on Earth, leaving the book with a finale never to be resolved. Michelinie also throws in an interesting scene with Darcy Vale, another that finds Mindy on her way to getting the cure she needs and yet one more that sees the death of Dr. McGavin. Additionally, Michelinie also introduces the concept of the multiverse to the book, one which shares at least a tenuous thread to both Claw the Unconquered and Starfire. That in itself is probably worth exploring more than it was and if the book had kept on, there is every possibility that it might have. As it is, all good things come to an end and thus Star Hunters would do just that. If there is one book that demands a collected edition with a finished ending, it is this one.

3.5 out of 5

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