Four Colour Thoughts – Birthright #44

The Creators – Joshua Williamson – Writer, Andrei Bressan – Artist, Adriano Lucas – Colours, Pat Brosseau – Letters

The Players – Mikey, Lore, Brennan

The Story – Mikey faces off against Lore for the last time.

The Take – It has been a long time in the coming, forty-four issues to be exact, but Mikey is finally ready to face the man who has caused more hurt in two worlds than any other person living or dead. The action begins immediately upon the cover of the book and flows seamlessly from there and for the most part, the entire book is dedicated to the fight between master and former apprentice, between two people who have each claimed the mantle of the Chosen One. Andrei Bressan who has illustrated every issue thus far truly outdoes himself on this one, the pages packed with detail and looking absolutely spectacular. As for Joshua Williamson, the man infuses a lot of passion into his main character as he faces off against the man that ruined his life and the battle between the two is vicious and brutal, almost apocalyptic in nature as they fight for the fate of two worlds. With Lore being as powerful as ever, it makes readers wonder if Mikey has what it takes to get the job done and yet before long, the tide starts to turn and that is when everything just gets bigger and better. It has been a long road getting to this point and Williamson and Bressan along with Adriano Lucas and Pat Brosseau have done a great job at telling this epic tale. There have been twists and turns with family reunions and family betrayals, revelations and more and all of it told in a manner that leaves the reader wanting more. When all of it comes to an end in this issue, it does leave the audience wondering what is going to happen next as it reaches a logical conclusion, at least for the moment, but knowing the book at this point, there is sure to be something more before this saga all wraps up. Altogether one of the best issues the series has seen and definitely worth the wait.

Worth It? – Yes.

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