Issue by Issue – Star Hunters #5

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Rich Buckler
Inker – Bob Layton
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Jean Simek

The fifth issue of Star Hunters is an action-packed book that finds the crew of the Sunrider looking to put a hurt on The Corporation by destroying the Sonora station. It opens with Flint and Jake battling some sort of giant slime-like creature, a biological deterrent built into the system should someone get past the mechanical ones and a bit of genius on the designer’s part. The battle is a fierce one and the two companions definitely have their hands full when David Michelinie takes readers back to the moment when they decide they are going to destroy the station and where they try to rope in the woman who just a short time ago tried to sabotage their efforts – Commander Darcy Vale. This becomes a reality when a Corporation communiqué was intercepted, one which details a good portion of the plot against the crew and the making of a fool in Vale, a message that cannot be ignored. So it is that it cuts back again to the present where Jake and Flint are doing what they do best while the Corporation stooge who runs the show and who designed the station sits back and laughs at their futility. Suffice it to say, that does not last very long as they find a way to circumvent the last of the defences and do what needed to be done. Overall, this might have been the most fun this book as been thus far, filled with excitement, betrayal and some good, old-fashioned teamwork. Nice to see is the team actually starting to become a little more cohesive, especially with Vale coming on board to not only their way of thinking but with their plans and overcoming the years of loyalty that was bred into her. All of it comes around to an ending that reveals a new villain, one that is either in league with The Corporation or one that has been pulling the strings all along. With some great artwork from Rich Buckler and company, Michelinie’s Star Hunters is finally shaping up into what it should have been from the start.

3.5 out of 5

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