Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #13

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Kelley Jones
Inker – Danny Bulanadi, Kelley Jones
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

Devil is in pain, a lot of pain and it confuses Biotron as to just how his former teammate could be in such a state as it should not be possible. Somehow Devil is being attacked, though as to how and from whom it is unknown. Even when Huntarr tries to ascertain the problem, he too ends up feeling what Devil is feeling and it is only with the intervention of Solitaire that he is able to return to normal. With this particular moment, Peter B. Gillis and Kelley Jones deepen the mystery around Solitaire, not that anyone but Acroyear has noticed, for after healing Huntarr, he calls Solitaire ‘mother’ and it troubles Acroyear even if he does not know the reason for it as of yet. On the bridge of the Endeavor is Scion who has steered the ship to the original planet the Micronauts had chosen to go to before being thrown off course, but not before proving a point and making Bug feel a bit of the pain he thought he and the team would be able to overcome. It is a strange scene, especially the interaction that would take place between Scion and Solitaire afterwards, Gillis alluding to that mystery between them, something that readers know is going to come to light in future issues. The planet they land upon seems peaceful and it is soon made known by Scion that there is something they should investigate in the next valley over which turns out to be an alien ship. It is unlike anything the Micronauts have encountered before and just as they start out to make contact, they find themselves under attack once more, the team having to defend each other from harm. The final act of the book brings back the mystery of the Zodiac keys, those which were linked to the origins of the Microverse and the Time Travelers, though what they are doing here on this alien ship and how they relate to Solitaire of all people has yet to be determined. All of this leads to them meeting their unknown enemy and hopefully succeeding in whatever form that audience might take. This was an interesting issue as it furthered the plot involving the newest members of the team and deepened the suspicions of Acroyear whom readers know will find out whatever it is that needs finding out. The artwork by Jones remains as solid as ever, becoming more distinct from those that preceded him on the title and making it his own as he goes along. A solid story, if one that feels more like filling time rather than getting on with the trip to Homeworld and the final fate of Devil.

3 out of 5

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