Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #12

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Kelley Jones
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

A strange creature of a man has shown up on the Endeavor and Acroyear is not happy about, especially after losing Commander Rann to retirement and his people in a final cast-off of all kingly duties. The man is not in a good place and having this new being called Scion arrive to essentially take over leadership of the Micronauts is not anything that he will even begin to consider. So it is that Peter B. Gillis and Kelley Jones begin the book off with a bit of mystery and action as the newest character to arrive in the series makes his presence known. While his proclamation of leadership is strange indeed, he has made no overt moves of violence against the crew, but that matters not to Acroyear and so the two fight with the only thing eventually coming between them being Solitaire who has some kind of power or persuasion over him. That in itself is strange as well as Acroyear also has his suspicions about her, but be that as it may, as the rest of the crew wants to hear from him and how he can get them through the Spacewall, so be it. Gillis packs the book with a lot of drama as each member of the Micronauts has had a trying time over the last while, everyone from Bug to Marionette who has lost the use of her legs. Jones brings to life in spectacular fashion as well and the trip through the Spacewall is quite exciting with Scion taking it all upon himself to get the team through and it involves a great deal of pain, more than any other being in the entirety of the Microverse other than he would be able to bear. What is most interesting about Scion is the familiarity in which he addresses the various team members, not to mention his looks and the incredible powers he possesses. There is something more to the man than meets the eye, even with his admission of being born from the egg that was powering the ship and it is something that is sure to be explored as the book moves forward and the Micronauts find themselves, for all intents and purposes, back home.

3.5 out of 5

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