Issue by Issue – Star Hunters #2

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Larry Hama
Inker – Bob Layton
Colours – Tatjana Wood
Letters – Ben Oda

Having returned from Merdd with the artifact they were looking for, the crew of the Sunrider discover their comrade Mindy having some sort of seizure. It makes for a tense few minutes among the crew, but they manage to get her stabilized much to their relief. What follows is a conversation between Commander Vale and Flint about whether to let the Corporation know about their find and the latter has some very interesting thoughts about why they should not, valid points that Vale does not even want to ponder. As it is, the decision is taken out of their hands as the Corp. already seems to know that they have it and are looking forward to the moment when they can retrieve it. Finally heading towards the destination recommended by the Corporation, the crew encounters a strange power drain coming from a nearby planet which forces them to make landfall and investigate. There they encounter strange plant-like creatures which calls for them to take up arms or risk serious injury or death and soon enough, they are defeated with the help of a giant bug-robot piloted by a crotchety old man named Dobbs. Writer David Michelinie spins the wheels for a bit after this until the finale which sees some insect warriors kidnap Commander Vale and introduces the book’s latest threat called The Annihilators. During the course of the issue, Michelinie also interjects two interludes, the first featuring a couple of men from the Corporation joking about Vale being a pawn and how they are going to destroy Homeworld. A second one features a mysterious object hurtling through space and how that figures into the lives of those who inhabit the Sunrider remains to be seen, but Michelinie is sure to tie it in somehow. Overall, the book still reads fine, more episodic than most but it does feel as if something is still missing. The characters also still feel a little stiff, needing a bit of work to really connect with the audience, which as of yet, they do not. As for the artwork by Larry Hama and Bob Layton, it turned out to be fairly decent, staying consistent with the previous book which was good, but as of yet, the book is not one that keeps its reader invested which is a bit of a shame.

3 out of 5

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