Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #10

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Kelley Jones
Inker – Bruce Patterson
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

The Micronauts are finally headed home with The Children of the Dreaming Star cheering them on. It is a momentous occasion of sorts with the team’s emotions all over the place, feelings of joy and sadness mixed with a hesitancy felt by most of them as going back to Homeworld and the Microverse is not something they thought they would be doing anytime soon. Yet, with a former teammate in Devil having been attacked and coupled with an ominous warning, there is little choice in the matter but to do so. Drawn by Kelley Jones once more and written by his partner in crime, Peter B. Gillis, the Micronauts and the Endeavor end up hitting something as they make their way through the universe and it is that which they are all too familiar with – the Spacewall. With Solitaire having stowed aboard also and now with a new appearance to boot, the team comes up with a plan, more specifically, Acroyear does in order that they might make it through. Marionette fears for Rann and does not want him attempting to contact the Enigma Force on his own, afraid that the risk will outweigh the rewards. It is a bold plan, one that involves calling forward The Children and their armada in order that maybe, with everyone firing at once and mentally guided by Rann, it could punch a hole in the wall. There is an additional problem as well, one that only Arcturus can feel when he reaches out with his mind and that is a deadness where once there was peace as he puts it, a darkness in the Enigma Force. Despite everything, the Micronauts go ahead with what they have mapped out and it begins to work, that is until Time Traveler shows up and he is a force to behold. Thus begins the most exciting part of the book as it moves towards its finale, as the fleet of ships that are assembled prove to be of little use against the god-like being. Gillis weaves in a mystery though, one more in addition to that of the Enigma Force and whatever strangeness is happening with it and it is aboard the Endeavor. Whether that is Solitaire or another, there is a figure that is cloaked in shadow and who it is remains to be seen, but it does prove to make things quite interesting. As it all winds up, the power of Time Traveler is met, though by who it is not revealed and the book leaves off with Rann, aged so that he resembles an old man. With a cliff-hanger like that, Gillis and Jones begin to ramp the stakes up leaving no question as to readers coming back for more.

4.5 out of 5

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