Issue by Issue – Star Hunters #1

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Don Newton
Inker – Bob Layton
Colours – Liz Berube

The first issue of Star Hunters opens up on the crew of the C.S.V. Sunrider taking it easy until they hit the planet Merdd where they hope to find the other half of an ancient artifact that will enable them to return to the planet Earth, currently under rule by a group called The Corporation. Arriving there, they are met by resistance and so like any rational person, Donovan Flint who heads up the mission blasts them apart so that they might get down to the planet and fulfill their quest. Most of the crew join the away team leaving Mindy with the ship should trouble arise, that being a given at this point. The junk planet is just that, a giant ball of the universe’s waste all collected for those that care to wander there in search of the missing and after fending off some giant slug-like creatures, they meet the inhabitants of the planet who might have an idea of where the missing artifact might be. Jake and Doc Sellers remain with the shuttle while the remainder of the team heads off, those being Flint, Dr. McGavin and Commander Darcy Vale and it is not long before they reach their destination and a strange creature that looks to bar their way. Hostilities arise, but it is not long before Dr. McGavin comes to the realization that the creature is indeed intelligent and just looking to protect its own. Tragedy follows when the Junkmen arrive behind them and annihilate the creature leading to the reclamation of that which the team had been seeking. Writer David Michelinie throws readers right into the thick of it when the book starts, assuming that people had read DC Super-Stars #16 previously as there was very little in the way of introductions or anything other than a caption or two on the origins of the team and the title. It is a little off-putting, but no less so than coming into a television show one had never seen before in the midst of the season. The characters in the book are definitely varied, each with their own distinct personality and look, thanks in part to artist Don Newton who illustrates this issue. There is a definite Star Trek vibe going on, especially towards the end of the book where it almost feels as if Kirk, Spock and McCoy are the ones on the page instead of those the reader actually sees and it perhaps reads a little better that way than it might have otherwise, tapping into a bit of nostalgia. Altogether it was a decent start to the series but could have used a little more background and introductory material to make it worth investing in a bit more.

3 out of 5

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