Issue by Issue – Silverblade #11

Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Steve Mitchell
Colours – Juliana Ferriter
Letters – Carrie Spiegle

Milestone’s, now remembering who he actually is, experiment to merge the old and young incarnations of Jonathan Lord back into a single entity with his memories returned has turned out to be somewhat of a success, but only with the help of Gail Abington whom he has deduced is actually the Falcon/Jailer’s new form. That proves to be true as Silverblade is returned to the world and joins the witch in her cause, namely the defeat of the Executioner who has created this false reality. Cary Bates and Gene Colan begin things off with a bang, picking right up from where the previous issue ended and while Jonathan Lord has been returned to them, they now have to figure out how to get Adruu’s powers back, discover where Lord and the Jailer were going and solve the mystery of their own identities, never mind just what is actually going on. Despite the confusion of the last little while, Milestone whom most have a tendency of writing off is the man who starts to figure it all out and who is able to wrap his head around it all and it is he who figures that everything has to do with what can be called a physical yin and yang. The Jailer and the Executioner represent these two sides and at the moment, they are completely out of whack resulting in their current existence. Everyone’s journey culminates in the fabled Atlantis, called forth from the past upon an island where the Jailer and Jonathan Lord have arrived to do battle, where Milestone and the other members of his retinue have figured that Lord would be and where Adruu has come, his powers fully restored along with his memory and more. There is a lot of action present as the book moves into its final act with Bates and Colan giving Lord and the companions a lot to battle in the form of Atlantis’ robotic protectors, but the one thing missing from it all is the Executioner whom they must be holding back for the final issue of the series. If there is one thing that readers can take away thus far from the title, it is that the creators are definitely playing by their own rules making for a very interesting read.

3.5 out of 5

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