Issue by Issue – Silverblade #7

Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Steve Mitchell
Colours – Anthony Tollin
Letters – Carrie Spiegle

The game is afoot in the seventh issue of Silverblade and it is one of cat and mouse between various parties. On one hand, there is the Falcon, the mystical bird who has set everything in motion and the ostensible mouse, trying to escape from Blackfeather, his first Silverblade from hundreds of years previous and the Winged Avenger armour possessed by a demon. Usually, the Falcon would be strong enough to deal with such threats, but not, worn down and wingless, it has no choice but to run for Jonathan Lord is not at hand to give it the help it needs. Speaking of Jonathan Lord, he is the other hand and the second mouse being chased, and not as a victim either. Pursued by Bobby Milestone, his servant, Lord has been trapped in his Dracula form, killed as a vampire and brought back as one and thus believing that he is one. For Dracula or any vampire to survive, they must have blood and that worries Bobby for he knows if there is one place that Lord would head, it is to Sandra Stanyon – Lord’s co-star in the Dracula film and a woman he once loved. Cary Bates and Gene Colan craft one of the better issues in the series with this book, the action non-stop and all of it quite exciting thanks to the latter’s pencils. There is still a lot of mystery present as Bates never really gets into answering any questions, but readers do come to learn that there is a lot more to this story than originally thought as there are several hundred years in-between the two Silverblades represented in this story. Could there be more men imbued with the same type of power and if so, where are they and what of the demon that was summoned all those issues ago? There is one revelation made in the book and that dealing with the past and the ultimate fate of Brian Vane, who now a ghost, has been hanging out with Sandra at her place. Everything comes to a head in the final act as one mouse is killed and another quite possibly changed for good and with leaving things as they are, Bates and company guarantee that readers will be back for more.

3.5 out of 5

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