Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #3

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Kelley Jones
Inker – Bruce Patterson
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

Things are tense on the Endeavor at the moment as nothing has been going right as of late. Shot across the universe, encountering a strange life-form, unknowingly contracting radiation poisoning while Huntarr would go through a strange transformation, the Micronauts are just a little stressed out. Marionette might have the worst of it though, for on top of the frustrations she has been feeling of late, she has discovered that aboard the ship are a set of Body Banks, standard fare as it were for Karza’s ships according to Biotron. This also angers Rann who finds it both abnormal and an abomination and due to the stress that he has been feeling as well, he just needs to get off the ship for a while which is why after ordering Biotron to set a course to a habitable system, they come upon a planet which is hardly such but decides to make landfall anyways. A breath of fresh air is exactly what the crew needed, so to speak, and they encounter wondrous sights once arriving. Everything it seems is coated in metal making for unexceptional beauty, but as it happens, things are not as it seems and danger lurks under every leaf as it were. Peter B. Gillis and Kelley Jones pick up the pace at this point as it is now a race against time for the Micronauts, for getting off of the planet is the only way they will survive, for once the sun comes up, they will burn to death. Trying to do something and succeeding at it are two different things though and while they do their utmost, the creatures of the planet who are attacking them are making it near impossible to leave. All of this leads to a spectacular cliff-hanger which might find the team dead, but as long-time readers will know, it is never wise to count the Micronauts down and out for the count. Like the previous writer Bill Mantlo, Gillis has been doing a great job at balancing the characterization of the team with the action scenes and it all makes for a very dramatic book. Factoring in the artwork from Jones and company and the title is a definite win for readers.

4 out of 5

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