Issue by Issue – Micronauts Vol.2 #2

Writer – Peter B. Gillis
Artist – Kelley Jones
Inker – Bruce Patterson
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Janice Chiang

Having travelled to the other side of the universe, farther than they have ever gone previously, the Micronauts now find themselves upon a dangerous asteroid and it is one that they believe might be a sentient creature. Peter B. Gillis and Kelley Jones ramp up the tension and the danger almost immediately as the asteroid is indeed alive and has started to fend off what it might see as an infection, or at the very least, an invasion by something foreign. For the Micronauts, that means bad news for the radiation levels alone within the caverns of its body is extremely high, so much so that they might not survive if they were to stay much longer. Having discovered what seems like eggs, Huntarr is fascinated and wants to examine them more, but they need to leave and they need to do so immediately. As the crew starts making their way out though, the ship’s defences have come into play and while most of them escape, Huntarr is left behind, identified as an infection that the asteroid is going to attempt to fix. Emotions run hot on the Endeavor with Acroyear demanding that they save their fellow comrade and while everyone agrees, doing so is another matter altogether. It is here that Gillis has Rann attempt to use his telepathic abilities to get in touch with the being, something that he has never attempted before, but desperate times call for desperate measures and as it turns out, he manages to be successful. Such as it is, the being is quite intelligent, perhaps more than any creature the Micronauts have encountered thus far and yet it is also quite curious, almost like a newborn though a dangerous one. All the while, the book continues along with readers on the edge of their seats wondering just what it is that is going to happen next as everything seems so up in the air, the volatility and the unknown of the being putting everything they do in question. Soon enough, Huntarr returns, changed by the creature and far different from when he first emerged and with him is one of the eggs that play a part in the conclusion to the story and the ultimate purpose of the being. Thankfully when all is said and done, the Micronauts find themselves in a better position from when they started out, though with the radiation they were exposed to and the mysterious egg on board, things perhaps, could not be worse.

4 out of 5

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