Issue by Issue – Silverblade #2

Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Gene Colan
Inkier – Steve Mitchell
Colours – Joe Orlando
Letters – Gaspar

It is 1987 and a far different world than the one Jonathan Lord used to know, his time away from the public and life in general doing him no favours in this modern age. Attending a movie premiere by posing as his own son, Lord is disgusted by what he sees on the big screen and walks out only to be confronted by a reporter named Belinda Pryce. Leaving her, he heads off and is made the target of a couple of thugs who look to rob him. It is here that readers are made privy to Lord’s new powers once more as he transforms first into a mummy and then a boxer, making short work of the two would-be thieves. What follows is a casual night of lovemaking between Lord and Pryce as well as a strange conversation between Milestone and the mystical bird which granted Lord his new-found powers. Writer Cary Bates then reveals that Lord’s powers comprise his being able to transform into any character that he had played in his films, a handy trait but one that Lord is a little reticent of. Despite having something of a good night, the world Lord once lived in, while far different than the one he has emerged into, is still much the same as it was and when a jealous lover shows up to kill Belinda, Lord shows up in the guise of a vampire bat-man to save the damsel in distress. Gene Colan who once again provides the artwork for the book does an incredible job of it, the man balancing the various aspects of horror and drama perfectly. What makes this series so interesting is that it is quite different to most of what is out there, whether at the time of its publication or even compared to today’s output and it definitely captures the imagination and the attention of the reader as one has no idea just where Bates is going to take this. There is a bit of a hint though during the last couple of scenes where the mysterious bird shows up speaking of an enemy which readers have to know is the entire reason that Lord was granted the powers he currently has and whom he will have to face at some point. Just who or what that is though, remains a secret as of this issue, making those future books in this series even more intriguing, not to mention a must-read.

4 out of 5

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