Issue by Issue – X-Men and the Micronauts #1

Writer – Chris Claremont, Bill Mantlo
Artist – Butch Guice
Inker – Bob Wiacek, Rick Bryant, Kathy Orlando
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Michael Higgins

For those that had been reading the Micronauts title regularly when it came out, they would be amazed to see the diminutive heroes team up with Marvel’s merry mutants personified by the X-Men and while it seemed to be a dream come true in a way, it was slightly confusing when the book opened and there were the Micronauts allying themselves with Baron Karza. Be that as it may, they would do so in order to face a threat greater than either one of them could defend against and it would only be together that they might survive. When it all begins, it would be strange for readers to see Commander Rann talking to Karza as if no time at all had passed since they had been teacher and student, not to mention seeing Karza aboard Bioship with the rest of the Micronauts. Without wasting any time, they find themselves in a battle against the D’arnellian fleet, a massive amount of ships that could scuttle almost anyone or anything that went up against them, never thinking that they would face the combined might of the Micronauts and all of Karza’s forces. While they are soon defeated, the power behind them still lingers and it destroys the D’arnellian planet as a show of force. Knowing that they do not stand a chance against him, Karza and Bioship depart hoping to avoid whatever fate it is that the Micronauts have just encountered and trace the source of the mysterious power to Earth and more specifically, a mansion in Westchester where the X-Men just so happen to live. Previous to this, Chris Claremont and Bill Mantlo who chronicle these events, show the X-Men taking a little time off while the New Mutants are on campus. While it all seems very relaxed, that comes to an end when Karza shows up and starts to prove that size does not matter, especially when it comes to one as powerful as he. The battle between Karza and the mutants is incredible, Butch Guice truly outdoing himself as the overwhelming odds against Karza soon hit home. The book ends with Karza’s mind being switched with that of Kitty Pryde through an accident and Bioship arriving in just the nick of time to explain things and enlist their help. As to the rest of the Micronauts, their fates remain up in the air, perhaps to be resolved in the next issue. Purportedly taking place between issues fifty-seven and fifty-eight of the regular series, it does not make a lot of sense but altogether, it turns out to be a great story from some very talented storytellers that guarantees readers coming back for each and every issue of this miniseries.

4 out of 5

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