One and Done – Luxura & Vampfire

Holly Golightly – Writer, Artist
Max Armstrong – Letters

Echo, daughter of Bethany who is also the titular vampfire, wants to go to a concert and Bethany reluctantly agrees. Upon arriving and seeing the show, Bethany gets the feeling that something is wrong, especially as the lead singer seems to kill and drink the blood of a woman on stage. Eventually she gets separated from Echo and finds herself backstage, sensing what she deems to be necrolife and then discovers a secret passage underground leading to her being found out by a vampire named Thorn who then brings her before the Vampress Luxura. Luxura is fascinated by Bethany, thinking her a bloodthrall of Salome when in fact Bethany is Salome’s daughter. As Salome was Luxura’s bloodthrall, Bethany is Luxura’s granddaughter and Echo her great-granddaughter and Luxura, now with this knowledge, could not be happier. Holly Golightly has a little fun with the book, especially with those scenes between Luxura and Bethany which stand out more than anything else, but when it was all said and done, the book ended up being very light on plot despite featuring two of Brainstorm’s baddest bad girls. For the most part, the book worked and it felt like it was going somewhere, but when it ends, other than the familial bonds that were introduced, there is not a lot of closure. Everything is left open to be continued elsewhere and whether it was or not is unknown unless readers were actively picking up the various Vampress Luxura books or those few Vampfire titles that actually made it to comic stands. The writing is solid enough, the artwork even better and Golightly makes it a quick and easy read. Additionally there is a bit of nudity present, both in the form of an alternate cover and in the contents and though it did not take anything away from the story, neither did it add anything making it all sort of irrelevant. For newer readers, there is an explanation as to what a ‘vampfire’ is which is a good thing, but it is never explained why Luxura’s hideout is beneath a club of all places. There were a lot of comics that fell into the ‘bad girl’ sub-genre and while not all of them were very good, this one was actually fairly decent, though it could have had a stronger ending.

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