Four Colour Thoughts – Artemis & the Assassin #1

The Creators – Stephanie Phillips – Writer, Meghan Hetrick & Francesca Fantini – Artists, Laren Affe – Colours, Troy Peteri – Letters

The Players – Maya, Isak, Virginia

The Story – Time-travelling assassins and key moments in history mixed with action, adventure and Rasputin.

The Take – The first story in the book, as there are two, deals with an assassin named Maya who kills Rasputin back in Russia in 1916. From there she heads back to the present where her mentor Isak waits with another mission, this one taking place in Vichy, France 1944. In France is another young woman named Victoria who is helping out the French resistance to great effect, so much so that readers have to wonder if she too is a time-traveller. As it is, writer Stephanie Phillips does not pepper the book with too much in the way of content, at least as far as the first tale goes. It is intriguing and interesting and it definitely makes the reader want to know more, but there definitely should have been more as it seemed very sparse, like watching ten minutes of a two hour film. Giving everything away is not what is expected though, as there would be no need to read any further, but a little more depth and a few more pages would have been preferable. As for the second tale, it takes a look at Maya’s background, more specifically her training. Despite being talented and the very best in her class, she is being held back, at least for a time. While she objects, there is a very good reason in doing so, though what that reason is, is never revealed to the reader, at least not as of yet. While the book was lacking in story overall, the artwork looked great and it is definitely one of the sharpest titles to come from Aftershock thus far. Such as it is, a book cannot survive on looks alone and it is hopeful that Phillips beefs it up so to speak come the next couple of issues, or at the very least, provides some sort of answers to the situations she has laid out. Artemis and the Assassin is not an altogether bad reading experience, but it is lacking just a little bit which keeps it from being it truly great.

Worth it? – Yes and no. Worth at least one more issue.

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