Issue by Issue – Guns of the Dragon #3

Writer – Tim Truman
Artist – Tim Truman
Colours – John Kalisz
Letters – Ken Lopez

Tim Truman opens the book with a stand-off between multiple parties who are all interested in the location of the ancient Chinese swords. One of those parties includes Bat Lash, Hans Von Hammer and Biff Bradley and they do not mean to give up the location of that which they have been sent to retrieve. Tensions run high and of course, someone does something foolhardy so that a fight breaks out. Throw in a couple of dinosaurs in the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and things get really interesting. Suffice it to say, the heroes manage to get away and as events play out, the woman named Miss Fear and who continues to refer to herself as that in the third person, joins them and they run into more problems along the way. With her former companions looking to separate them from the land of the living, Biff Bradley does what a hero does best and sacrifices himself so that Bat Lash and Miss Fear can get away and get the swords. While all of this is going on, the Baron has returned to try and see if he can save his plane from possible destruction and such as it is, luck just so happened to be on his side. While Hans Von Hammer has refrained from regressing into that which he was during the war, Truman brings his character back to his roots and The Hammer of Hell makes a return in this book, killing most of those adversaries that remain in order that their mission might have better odds of success. Truman does a good job with the story, this issue perhaps being a little more exciting than the previous two and the artwork was as good as ever. There is a great pulpy feel about it all and his characterization when it comes to the main leads of the story ring true, but like the two issues that had come before, it still feels like there could be just a bit more to really put it over the top, though just what that might be is hard to define. Truman does take a step in the right direction by unleashing Hammer and he leaves it all on a cliff-hanger which should make things very interesting for the heroes when it is all said and done. A solid issue overall, from a series that has been just that.

3.5 out of 5

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