Issue by Issue – Guns of the Dragon #2

Writer – Tim Truman
Artist – Tim Truman
Colours – John Kalisz
Letters – Ken Lopez

The book begins with Vandal Savage bragging about how his plans are all coming together and then it cuts to the somewhat unusual team of Bat Lash, Baron Hans Von Hammer and Biff Bradley as they make their way to Dragon Island through some incredibly thick fog. Despite those troubles and running into a sea monster who manages to kill one of the crew, the team makes it though they must anchor the ship offshore beyond the reefs. With a make-do landing strip/bridge, Bat Lash and The Hammer of Hell take to the skies to see what they can see while the rest of the crew tries to make it ashore and once again, it does not take very long for trouble to find them. Making it a little worse is the fact that the Baron’s Spandaus have no ammo for the very large flock of very large pterodactyls who are trying to knock them out of the sky. Thankfully Bradley has a bit of gumption inside of him as he hops on board the plane when it dives low with the much-needed ammo. Truman packs the book full of action and as such, it breezes by faster than readers would probably prefer, but nevertheless remains a fun read because of it. Making it even better are the interpersonal conversations between the Baron and Bat Lash with the latter always seeming to get the upper hand, quite literally as it were in some cases, and the former almost always being exasperated with his newfound comrade. While it remains to be seen as to just how the men are going to get a ‘dragon’ off of the island, all of the dragons actually being dinosaurs, and just where it is they are going to find the ancient swords, they must now contend with some unexpected visitors. Entering the picture is the Japanese emissary named Kung who is looking to get his hands on the very same things and then not minutes after, a woman named Miss Fear with the both of them making things far more complicated than they needed to be. With a bit of comedy and all-out excitement from nearly the first page to the last, Tim Truman serves up a lot of fun, the only downside being that there was not enough of it.

3.5 out of 5

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