Issue by Issue – Hex #18

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Keith Giffen
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob Le Rose
Letters – Milt Snapinn

With the last issue of Hex, it would be nice to say that the artist and writer combination of Michael Fleisher, Keith Giffen and Carlos Garzón had pulled out all the stops to deliver a pulse-pounding finale, but that would be a lie. While the story was not all that bad, it was fairly average, even compared to the previous seventeen issues and instead of going out with a bang, it ended up being more of a whimper and all things considered, that was a bit of a shame. What had started out as a daring reinvention of the character would soon fizzle out once series artist Mark Texeira was off the book and not simply due to, but primarily because of Giffen’s artwork which in this particular issue, was not as good as it could have been. While that might have been putting it lightly, there were times in this book that it was hard to make out exactly what was happening. There is a scene where Hex is injured, though how he was and how bad it was never happened to be shown and even where he was hurt was never explicitly made known or stated which made it all slightly frustrating. There are moments where it seems like Hex is also having flashbacks, no doubt thanks to his injuries, but it was extremely hard to tell as the artwork would all bleed together without any sort of transition and it was only due to the writing of Fleisher that one was able to finally guess. As for the story, it would essentially deal with a wounded Jonah Hex, defending himself against overwhelming odds and doing a good job of it until Stiletta finally comes along with some help, saving him from what would probably be certain death. When it was all said and done, it was not as if this was a terrible issue, but it could have been more than what ended up on the page and considering that this would be the last issue of Jonah Hex in any form for a little while at least, Fleisher should have sent him off in style. With artwork that did not live up to the standard previously set in the book, a fairly average story and no resolution to various plots – that of Borsten and the Dogs of War, the final issue of Hex was slightly disappointing.

3 out of 5

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  1. I always thought HEX, for a series, was going to have a much longer run & showed great promise. I enjoyed the “Weird Western Tales” & the “Jonah Hex” Western that followed — mainly due to Michael Fleisher’s superb writing…Keith Giffen’s artwork in the last few HEX issues ended up being the death knell & if he’d done half the job he did on LSH, the future adventures may’ve continued & Jonah would’ve possibly gotten home!


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