Issue by Issue – Arak: Son of Thunder #10

Writer – Roy Thomas, Robert Kanigher
Artist – Ernie Colon, Jan Duursema
Inker – Alfredo Alcala
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – Alfredo Alcala, Phil Felix

While travelling to see the Empress of Byzantium, Arak and Valda run afoul of a few of her soldiers, enough that they outnumber the companions and who are able to then take them hostage. Despite all manner of discourse including a letter from both Carolus Magnus and the Pope, it is not enough to sway their leader who thinks them Slavs and thus the enemy. At this point author Roy Thomas and artists Ernie Colon and Alfredo Alcala dip into the mythological, at first only hinting at a creature that manages to scare the men away from the trussed up heroes and then a little later, revealing their saviour to be a satyr. As readers might guess from the cover of the book, it is not the only creature of legend to make an appearance as Arak ends up wrestling a centaur, at least for a moment until they come to a truce in order to talk of gods long dead. Factoring all of this in continues to make the story as interesting as it was from the first which provides readers with something to think about as the book can essentially go anywhere at this point in time with all of the elements that have been introduced in the last ten issues. The second half of the book once again belongs to The Viking Prince as chronicled by Robert Kanigher and Jan Duursema, the third part of the tale that finds Jon having woken with his left arm now re-attached. The man is still somewhat traumatized with originally losing it and is also quite angry as it does not seem to work at the moment. Be that as it may, he is not going to give up on his quest to get his sister back from Krogg the Red. Joining him on his quest is Illan, the beautiful young woman whom he saved, and in a way, who saved him as well and that now makes four in their party. Kanigher and Duursema still inject a little action into the tale amidst all the drama and it finds Jon lashing out at some wolves, both animal and mammal and both looking for easy prey. By the time the story ends, Jon has reached the castle of Krogg the Red, ever-closer to reaching and rescuing his sister and his party now numbering five. At the end of the day, the tenth issue of Arak: Son of Thunder is packed with great stories by even better creators meaning that reading the next issue is a must.

4 out of 5

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