Issue by Issue – Hex #17

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Keith Giffen
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Duncan Andrews

Now that Jonah Hex has been reunited with his old friend Harris, he learns of S’Ven Tarrah and Xxggs and of a future that cannot be allowed to come to pass. Joined by Stiletta, Hex is soon in the middle of what seems to be a war as three of the aliens have arrived on Earth to put a stop to the human renegade in Tarrah. While he has seemed like a villain over the course of the last few issues, author Michael Fleisher ends up painting S’Ven Tarrah as humanity’s saviour, for if the man succeeds in his quest at stopping the Xxggs in that far-off future, then humanity shall live on with the aliens ultimately being defeated. It all depends on his ship taking off though so that it can intercept them in deep space and what with the Xxggs now being on Earth and in the facility, that possibility seems an impossibility. For Jonah, he has no idea what is going on, only that the aliens need to be stopped and as he watches waves of roboids go up against them and fail, not to mention all of the prisoners who were taken captive as slaves, that only leaves the Dogs of War. With all of the power at the Dogs’ hands, readers would think that they might stand a chance, but with each successive member failing at stopping the aliens, S’Ven Tarrah is about to call off the offensive as things seem quite hopeless. As readers will have come to know, Jonah Hex does not give up quite so easily and the man manages to come up with a plan and it is one that is essentially a last-ditch effort for if it fails, none of them are going to live to tell the tale. Suffice it to say, Hex wins out in the end, the aliens are gone, S’Ven Tarrah heads back to the future and the Dogs of War are left without a leader. Altogether, Fleisher produced a good story and Giffen’s artwork that accompanied it not too bad though it definitely could have been a lot better given the epic feel of the battle that took place. What made this book even more interesting than it already was would be the decision by Giffen to use a nine-panel grid throughout, serving up far more story than it would have otherwise. Additionally, this issue would give nothing away as to what would happen in the final book of the series, and if one were to guess, it would not be going home to the Old West.

3.5 out of 5

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