Issue by Issue – Micronauts #49

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Butch Guice
Inker – Dan Bulanadi
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Michael Higgins

If there is one thing that this issue did quite exceptionally, it was to show off the powerhouse pencils of Butch Guice who gives it his all on each and every page. The first portion of the book finds Rann and Bioship trying to enter the subatomic Microverse and it is both a fascinating journey and a dramatic one as the pencils laid down by Guice convey all the action and science-fiction zaniness that one would expect from such a thing. For his part, Bill Mantlo frames it as an epic journey and it is one as the heroes are put through the wringer while trying to get home. There is also danger present, not only without from all that they encounter, but also from within as the last Sylosian prepares to suck whatever life is left in Devil from him and from there, has a plan to exact his revenge upon those he once thought gods. While the Micronauts do battle with the universe itself though, there are those of the team already on Homeworld made prisoners of Argon and forced to fight as sport before his wedding to Belladonna/Lady Slug takes place. In the arena are Bug, Prince Pharoid and Acroyear and all of them are given their weapons, Argon thinking it will not matter in the slightest as the latest horror designed by DeGrayde from the Body Banks makes its appearance. It is a monstrosity that looks like an arachnid of sorts and the heroes can only wonder how many poor souls had given their lives to create such a being. Such as it is though, they can do nothing but fight and they do so spectacularly, Acroyear especially proving why he was once a leader of men. All is not lost though as Mantlo sends in the rebellion in the form of Marionette and her newest companion Huntarr, calling for those on Homeworld to take up arms against the oppressor. Everything looks like it might be going their way, but the worst thing that could possibly happen does just that while what looks to be aid in the form of a dead Micronaut descends from the heavens. All in all, this was another incredible issue from the creative team of Mantlo and Guice, the book firing on all cylinders and it is hard to say if it has ever been better. Definitely worthy of the time spent reading it.

5 out of 5

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