Issue by Issue – Hex #16

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Keith Giffen
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Augustin Mas

Hex is in a tough spot as he now discovers himself a slave along with all of the other men and women that the alien named S’Ven Tarah has had captured. As readers know, Hex does not take kindly to being kept in shackles, real or figurative and he means to escape from the forced labour he has been conscripted into. Michael Fleisher and Keith Giffen do not make it easy on the man and Jonah takes more than one beating at the hands of the guards, but the man does have a plan and the beatings serve a purpose as he gets a hold of an electronic key, one he hopes to use to make his getaway. Elsewhere, Stiletta is getting checked out as her fits of rage are making life just a little bit harder. Thankfully, if the drugs that she was pumped with leave her system, so too should those mood swings which make her lash out. Additionally, she learns of a chip inside of her which augments her strength and that she chooses to keep as it will definitely come in handy when she heads out to discover what became of Hex. As it stands, Fleisher has Jonah currently hiding out, waiting to make his big break, but it seems that is not going to happen as the entire facility is on high alert and the guards are closing in on him. While he is able to dispatch the one, the Dogs of War arrive and Hex now faces Starkad the Slayer, a man just as tenacious as Jonah is in a fight. It all leaves off on a bit of cliff-hanger with Harris, his friend from Vietnam arriving in just the nick of time and a final scene that finds some good Samaritans meeting what looks to be an untimely end. Through it all, Giffen’s art, while definitely not the same as what had been portrayed for the majority of the run, was far more palatable in this issue than the last and while not great perhaps, it was pretty decent. Also in the book, a scene is given to the Xxggs who have noticed that S’Ven Tarah has escaped to the past and they send a team to deal with him. Whether they run into Hex is an unknown at this point, but one has to assume that Hex versus the aliens is an eventuality, if not a certainty.

3.5 out of 5

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