Girls, Good Times and a… – Pool Party Massacre (2017)

One has to give props to Drew Marvick as his Pool Party Massacre, which was written, directed and starring himself, turned out to be a lot of fun while paying homage to those slashers of the past.

The plot is pretty basic, but then when it comes to any film with a ‘massacre’ in the title, something overly complicated is not exactly needed. It takes place at a rich girl’s house whose parents have gone away for a spell and where she decides to host a pool party. It is probably the worst pool party ever seen, never mind the killing that eventually takes place as each and every guest gets murdered. All of them are perpetrated by someone whose face is never shown until the big reveal at the end, additionally giving viewers an added twist and one which would also explain why the party sucked so bad.

Like everything, there is good and bad present in this movie and surprisingly, they almost balance each other out. The kills are great, the practical effects done exceedingly well for a film like this and actually seeing them happen even better, not simply alluded to like certain movies where the budget is tight. Even little things like watching the killer deciding on which weapon to use next made it far more interesting to see and offset what could be called poor. As for that, some of the acting by much of the female cast was not as good as it could have been and that had to be a given as most of those who appeared were unknowns and of which did not necessarily hurt the film overmuch as it made them more believable as vapid, entitled rich kids. The one person who brought a little pizzazz to the picture was Nick Byer as slacker brother of Troy and a guy who really wants to party amongst a group of girls who do not even understand the word. Lastly, there would be Drew Marvick himself who would ham it up in the end and provide a couple of laughs while he was at it.

Hearkening back to many a slasher from the 1980s, Pool Party Massacre has all the right ingredients from the various character stereotypes, to the nudity and blood that is shown to the randomness of the kills. The only thing really missing is a stronger story and perhaps some better actors, but altogether this was a solid and enjoyable effort by Marvik who is set to release a sequel to this film in the near future.

2.5 out of 5

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