One and Done – Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling

Mark Paniccia, Phil Crain, Bill Roseman, Charles Marshall – Writer
Don Hillsman, Kevin West, Jeff Rebner, Arnold Pander – Artist
Bob Almond, Mark Irwin – Inker
Moose Bauman, Dana Moreshead – Colours
Vickie Williams – Letters

One would think that a book entitled Spring Fling would be a lot of fun, especially given that it stars Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, but suffice it to say, the storytelling and the artwork are not quite up to the task and getting through all forty-eight pages is a little tough. That is not to say that there was not something worthwhile, some enjoyment to be had, because there was, but there was not enough and getting to it was a bit of a chore to put it lightly. That in itself is a bit of a shame as it should be exceptionally hard to tell a bad story starring a giant red Tyrannosaurus Rex and yet here, they were definitely less than stellar. The first tale involves the Shi’ar chasing down a Skrull terrorist and they just so happen to land on Earth in the distant past, coming into contact with Devil and Moon Boy. The second is a short romp that features Moon Boy getting an offer to rejoin The Small-Folk, his former tribe that kicked him out many moons ago. Moon Boy thankfully chooses his new family in Devil over those that had forsaken him for their fears. The third and final chapter in this book finds Moon Boy fallen to a fever and hallucinating. While doing so, Moon Boy is unable to look after himself but has little to worry about as Devil is always there to protect him. The third story is arguably the best, though the artwork leaves a lot to be desired, only the last page really connecting and conveying the heart of the relationship between the two characters. The second tale was more filler than anything else while the first and lead feature was all right, but could have been far better than it was. Additionally, there is an intro and outro sequence that is probably supposed to be funny and introduce a bit of lightheartedness to all of the proceedings but failed to work very well at doing so. Altogether, Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling should have been a surefire hit, yet in the end, is recommended only for completionists.


One and Done focuses upon single issue stories, whether they be one-shots, graphic novels, annuals or the like.  One book that contains a beginning, middle and end with no continuation elsewhere.

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