Four Colour Thoughts – Spirits of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons #1

The Creators – Ed Brisson – Writer, Roland Boschi – Artist, Dan Brown – Colours, Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players – Lilith, Mephisto, Johnny Blaze, Belasco, The Deacon, Jack O’Lantern, Danny Ketch

The Story – Lilith wants to rule Hell but Johnny Blaze stands in her way. Danny Ketch faces a new existence as the Spirit of Corruption, a Ghost Rider no longer.

The Take – The new Ghost Rider book has been a lot of fun and being Marvel, why not cash in a little bit and release a one-shot that ties directly into the series. It begins with a look back on Lilith’s origin and of how she was essentially always overlooked and taken for granted. Given the amount of time spent in the shadows, she now feels it is the right time for her to be what she has always known she should be – Queen of Hell. Ed Brisson writes a captivating tale, but it does not focus solely upon Mephisto’s better half, it also looks at Ghost Rider Johnny Cage as he rules the Underworld, never wanting the job but doing it as a favour as someone has to do it. Slowly but surely though, the environment is changing him and not for the better. The artwork by Roland Boschi mirrors the writing, being dark and dirty and very expressive, creating a perfect atmosphere for readers to immerse themselves in as Brisson moves the story along. It all finally culminates on Earth as Lilith starts to put her plans in motion, one of the first volleys being lobbed aimed directly at Danny Ketch as Jack O’Lantern shows up to remove him from the picture. Ketch is not a Ghost Rider anymore though but something more, a Spirit of Corruption courtesy of Belasco and much to Jack O’Lantern’s dismay, his new lease on life does not last very long. At the end of the day, this was a great chapter in the ongoing saga of the Ghost Riders, filled with intrigue and action and a couple of revelations, but truthfully, there was no call to make it a separate one-shot when it could have worked just as well as another book in the ongoing title. Hopefully, those that are picking up the new Ghost Rider book do not miss out on this as it definitely adds to the story that was begun not so long ago.

Worth it? – Yes.

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