Issue by Issue – Micronauts #45

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Gil Kane
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Jim Novak

When a book opens with Arcade on the first page, readers know immediately that trouble is soon to follow and at least in the case of the Micronauts, that is actually a good thing. Though it might sound strange, Bill Mantlo and Gil Kane have a plan in mind when it comes to the Micronauts and that involves Arcade wanting to mess with the X-Men. Said plan involves a light ray that will transport them to his offshore rig so that once again, they might take a turn inside of whatever nasty game he has cooked up. On its way though, the ray encounters the Micronauts who have been transformed by Computrex in the last issue into light themselves and so they instead are transported back to Arcade and made somewhat whole. As the story progresses and they are put through the machinations that Arcade has brought to life, Microtron gets an idea that will make him and his companions completely whole, much to the dismay of their captor. Back on Homeworld, the rest of the Micronauts comprised of Bug, Acroyear and Marionette are hatching a two-pronged plan of their own in order to overthrow Argon. The first involves Acroyear and Bug making a distraction at the Body Banks where they end up freeing a number of the prisoners with their ultimate goal being Prince Pharoid. The second part of the plan involves Marionette breaking into the palace where she once used to live in order that she prevent the marriage of Lady Slug to her brother. What Marionette does not realize is that the Duchess Belladonna now inhabits the body of Slug, something she was definitely not expecting. Mantlo weaves a multifaceted tale, one where the heroes of the story are beset on all sides it seems and even though they face insurmountable odds, both on Earth and on Homeworld, they still refuse to give up in the face of it. In the end, Arcade is finally defeated, or at the very least his game of death is, and he escapes to pester another day while the Micronauts face almost certain doom while back in the Microverse, it looks as though Argon has killed his sister, though one has to hope that it is not the way it looks. Kane’s artwork is particularly exceptional in this book and he creates some truly riveting pages to keep readers enthralled as they make their way through it all. This was yet another great issue that worked on every level and would keep readers interested past the last page.

4 out of 5

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