Issue by Issue – Hex #12

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Mark Texeira
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Augustin Mas

When last seen, Hex and Batman were falling to their deaths, but luckily, Batman still had one trick up his sleeve and as he manages to save Hex, so too does Hex save Batman in return. For the moment, their battle is over, but Batman wants Hex and his guns out of his city the second he discovers the just where it is that Stiletta might be. What the two have also come to realize is that they were duped by those who are working for the city, men who are looking to get their Terminator robots out on the street. It is not long before this actually happens, Batman being duped by a distraction to keep him occupied elsewhere while the laser cannons needed to arm the robots are brought in and once done so, released upon the streets of New York to cause panic, terror and murder. In the meantime, Hex thinks he has found Stiletta, but even talking to her or who he thinks she is, is harder than anticipated and ends in failure. As the Terminators start their campaign of destruction though, Hex cannot help but go and aid in the fight against them in any way possible. Written by Michael Fleisher, the man gives equal time to both Hex and Batman, the former still finding the sights and sounds of this future completely unfamiliar and the latter, a fascinating take on a hero from a bygone age, but also one quite familiar for those who know the character. What is also quite interesting is the fact that this future Batman uses very similar tools and gadgets without much in the way of being different like his predecessor. One would think with all of the innovation having taken place over the years, readers would see something new from the Caped Crusader, but as it is, they seem to work well as proven in the book and no need to fix something that is not broken. Also good to see is that no matter what is thrown at Hex, whether time travel, acid rain, unending attacks or giant robots, the man will try to overcome whatever it is in his path despite the odds usually being stacked against him. With magnificent artwork from Mark Texeira and Carlos Garzón, this issue is yet another great example of taking something the familiar and turning it on its head.

4 out of 5

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