Four Colour Thoughts – Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (2020)

The Creators – Al Ewing – Writer, Juann Cabal – Artist, Federico Blee – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, Drax, Moondragon, Phyla-Vell, Nova, Marvel Boy, Olympian Gods

The Story – The Gods of Olympus have been reborn and they are a little bit angry after emerging from this cycle of rebirth. Somebody needs to stop them.

The Take – After numerous cosmic events where all manner of injuries and characters dying/resurrected have happened, all the Guardians want to do is settle down and take it easy, enjoying each other’s company without it being a life or death situation. Suffice it to say writer Al Ewing does not let them off that easy though and when Nova shows up begging for help, they know that it cannot be good. All of this leads to some of the Guardians choosing to stay where they are while four of them – Star-Lord, Rocket, Moondragon and Phyla-Vell, accompany Nova where the rest of his team, that being Marvel Boy, waits for them. The rest of the book, aside from some humorous bits by Ewing, is taken up by wall-to-wall action as they face down some very angry gods. Altogether, the book was a good one but even so, it lacked a little punch, something to make the average reader sit up and say ‘Whoa’. Though it was good on the whole, that little something extra that would have lit up the internet would have pushed this book from being a solid one to something great and that simply did not happen. That being said, this first issue was just good enough to come back for more, but should it ever be less than this, one cannot see readers hanging around for long when there are so many good books to choose from during any given week. Juann Cabal who joins Ewing on this outing definitely sets the book apart from many of its previous iterations, featuring some very clean artwork that looks both fresh and new. All of it comes together nicely and the threat they face, while not new in terms of characters or power-sets, also makes for something different, deviating from the usual cosmic fare. All that is needed is for the book to avoid any sort of crossovers for a time to let readers settle in while the creative team tells their story and it should be a must-have book in no time.

Worth It? – Yes because Al Ewing is at the helm and it is bound to be an amazing ride.

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