Issue by Issue – Hex #10

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Ron Wagner
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Augustin Mas

If there is one thing that Jonah has noticed ever since being brought to the future, it is that nothing ever goes right for him and the only thing that he can ever truly count on is human nature which has not changed in all the years between his past and the present. That being said, some things still throw him for a loop, such as why two people would walk into a place and shoot it up, albeit the things they would shout would make them seem like fanatics of a sort. All of this leads to Hex being hired by one of the patrons at the whorehouse that Jonah mistook for a hotel, the father of the woman who did some of the shooting and a man who wants his daughter back home safe and sound. It is a quandary that Michael Fleisher gives his hero as Hex wants to find Stiletta, but deep down where it matters, he is a man that will always help when called upon and so it is not so much a predicament as it is a delay. Eventually, Hex catches up to the girl at a rundown theatre where a zealot preaches to his followers about a man named the Sin Killer put to death by the state leading to some of his congregation wishing to die much like their so-called messiah. Everything that he sees is just a bit too much for him and so Hex does what he does best and grabs the girl and makes to get away, a battle ensuing with a bit of carnage following in his wake. There are a couple of additional scenes which Fleisher and artist Ron Wagner call attention to, one being a small cameo from the Legion of Super-Heroes who appear and then are gone as if they never were and another featuring the first villain of the series, Reinhold Borsten. Somehow, someway, Borsten survived the explosion at the Needle and as his fortress crumbled all around him, he managed to get down to the lowest level where he took cover. He might be without food and water and even injured, but Fleisher clearly has plans in store for the man and more importantly, for Hex whom Borsten swears vengeance upon. Once again, this was a fun issue that continues to play upon the man out of time aspect to great effect.

3.5 out of 5

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