Issue by Issue – Arak: Son of Thunder #2

Writer – Roy Thomas
Artist – Ernie Colon
Inker – Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – John Costanza

Washing ashore in what is a strange land to Arak, he is met by a young woman named Corinna and her guard. After a slight misunderstanding and a bit of a fight, Arak is knocked unconscious and brought back to her castle where he meets Lord Hessa, a man who seemingly detests Carolus Magnus and those who serve him of which he suspects Arak to be. Thrown in a dungeon, Arak meets the wizard Malagigi and soon he is being freed by Corinna who has taken a fancy to him and wants Arak to take her away so that the spell confining her to this small piece of land is broken. She also reveals the history of the castle to Arak and readers alike, of a bargain struck with a demon and the sordid happenings that went on to get to that part and not long after, the two of them are discovered and another battle breaks out. Roy Thomas writes a fantastic tale, shades of Conan coming unbidden to the reader’s mind though soon leaving as Arak is his own character that Thomas writes most excellently. Making it all come alive on the page is Ernie Colon and Tony DeZuniga whose work has always thrilled and which continues to do so here. While the title might have much in common with many of those that have come before like the previously mentioned Conan, Claw the Unconquered, Warlord and more, Arak has both a unique look and origin, which Thomas goes into here, not to mention characteristics that set him apart from all of those heroes. That is seen throughout the book as he uses his brain just as much as his brawn to solve the various problems that come to meet him, whether in addressing those in power respectfully as to not further antagonize them or playing along cautiously with the motives of a young woman who seems just as strange as the stories she tells him. As the book comes to its conclusion, the truth of it all comes out and Corinna is not the young, innocent girl that she claims to be, nor is Lord Hessa what he appears. Malagigi is freed from the prison he was found in and he too seems a changed man who agrees to accompany Arak on his quest to see Carolus Magnus. Altogether a great book that readers will thoroughly enjoy.

4 out of 5

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  1. There are a lot of these older books, unknown to current fans and definitely not ‘hot investment books’ that are great reads and can be bought for $1 or $2 each. A great deal when new comics are $3.99, $4.99, or even more.

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