Issue by Issue – Hex #9

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Mark Texeira
Inker – Carlos Garzón, Pablo Marcos
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – John Costanza

Jonah Hex has been through a lot lately, the last of which was being put through a shooting gallery where he thankfully came out alive with some guns and Soames for his time. That being said, a drink or ten was in order and so he finds himself at a bar trying to drown his sorrows and wondering where Stiletta got herself off to. Even here though, author Michael Fleisher will not let the man rest and so instigates a fight where he meets a man named George Arthur or ‘Flame’. From Flame, Hex learns of a community where they are trying to build a better world and if Hex ever wants to settle down, it is there that he should try it. Suffice it to say, curiosity gets the better of Hex and he heads on down to the place where he encounters trouble right at the gate. From this point forward, the book delves into action and presents a town and a group of people that are simply not right as most of them turn out to be cyborgs. Even worse, Dr. Adamant who runs the place now wants to turn Jonah into a cyborg as well, though Hex will have none of it. The pace of the book picks up exponentially as Hex must fend for his life once more and it is either do that or end up like all the other poor people that were turned into robots with no mind of his own. Mark Texeira returns to pencil this issue and his work is as good as ever. The perfect society as painted by Texeira and Fleisher is anything but despite the appearance given to the outside world and if there is one thing Hex knows about, it is the appearance of things. At the end of it all, Hex walks out a free man and he gains a friend in the process which is something he can use in this very confusing time he has found himself in. As for Stiletta and Stanley Harris, they are not present in this issue, but one has to guess that at some point, Hex is going to run into them again and more than likely, not under the best of circumstances.

4 out of 5

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