Issue by Issue – Hex #8

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Ron Wagner
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Augustin Mas

Having escaped the Needle before it exploded, Hex and Stiletta currently find themselves short on fuel so there is nothing for Jonah to do but go and find some more while his companion looks after the ship. Hitting a small town, he does just that but gets robbed of his Soames and now has a two-fold problem. Writer Michael Fleisher then sets things in motion for the western gunfighter by introducing him to a woman named Mabel, a gun dealer who also might have a way for Hex to make a lot of money. Jonah, of course, is open to the idea if all it involves is a little target shooting and so agrees to what she has planned which will give him both Soames and guns. Suffice it to say, Hex ends up shooting a little more than just inanimate targets as he ends up fending off a bunch of robots in a death house who are shooting some very real bullets back at him. Like it or not, Hex is now committed and the only way out is through or in a pine box. Unlike many of the participants in this particular contest who have come and gone and most likely not having survived, Hex is doing just that and the odds of him winning are good, much to the dismay of the games-makers and it is then when they decide to rig the game and send in something to even the odds, more specifically assassins. As it is, they fare no better than the robots and when all is said and done, Jonah stands a very rich man. Not only does Hex have money, but the guns that Mabel promised and a few more he decides to help himself to as she had decided to make him believe one thing with the game when it turned out to be something quite different. With artwork from guest artist Ron Wagner this issue, the book continues to look just as good as it always does and it was nice to see it move away from the storyline that has permeated it the first seven issues of its existence to something new. There is one plot thread that remains a holdover though and it involves Stanley Harris, the Vietnam soldier who supposedly managed to get himself back home in the time machine and who it is revealed, may not have actually done so and it will be interesting to see where Fleisher takes this.

4 out of 5

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