Issue by Issue – Hex #7

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Mark Texeira
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Duncan Andrews

In a story entitled Ravages of Time, Jonah Hex is about to get himself murdered by the son of a man he killed himself not too long ago when he broke out of Borsten’s citadel. As it is, Hex does what he has to and ends up killing the son as well thanks to a little timely interference. It is not long after this that Hex is back in The Needle though, and back in a canister filled with paralytic sleeping gas. Michael Fleisher and Mark Texeira have more planned for the hero though and soon, The Conglomerate’s man on the inside frees Hex so that he might sabotage the time machine. Like all good plans, and bad plans too, things go wrong almost right from the first and after an explosion, Hex is in the race of his life to get to that time machine in order to get himself back home. Accompanying him is Stiletta who has just broken into the place and a man he never thought he would see again, the soldier from Vietnam named Harris. Almost from the first page of the book, this issue has been packed with action as the story rockets forward from one obstacle to the next that Hex must overcome and it is thrilling for the reader to say the least as the man battles his way through impossible odds. If there was one quibble to be had, it was the quick exit by Harris back to his own time that felt a little rushed, especially as he had a couple of good scenes earlier on in the book featuring some man-eating rats, but aside from that, it was nice to see at least one person get a happy ending. That being said, Hex does not make his way back to the old west and as the time machine sputters out and the building around him starts to cave in, he and Stiletta make a break for it together while Borsten finally gets what is coming to him. Fleisher does a great job of wrapping up this first story arc and sets the stage for something new to come, though just what that is, remains to be seen. A standout issue through and through with hopefully more to come in the same manner.

4 out of 5

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