Pulptastic! – Detective Fiction 8


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  1. Damn, every single one of these covers warrants some kind of comment! Okay here goes…

    Red Riding Hood’s decision to hitch a ride with the Man Beyond the Law went awry almost immediately.

    I want to be in the Park Avenue Hunt Club. Looks fun!

    The man on the Hounds of Despair cover has a bitchin mustache, but damn does he look fucking haunted. What is that guy in the hat telling him?

    STOP! There’s a Monkey Doorman with a flashlight on your shoulder, sir!

    Okay, this guy has some identity confusion going on. He looks like a Dracula with a monocle, but he’s got that ear ring though. And red judges robes? And is he threatening small figurines on a chessboard with a gun while the magic mirror from Snow White looks on from behind? What kind of fever dream is this?

    It’s 3 a.m. is your house exploding? No one’s more excited about it than this guy.

    More like don’t mess with Dr. Skull. Look at that intense glare. She is out to kick some dick!

    The Crime Breakers! Hopefully not starring monocle guy because he’s clearly doing it wrong.

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  2. Continued…

    Death Rides the Deep. Nope. Noon Street Nemesis. Nuh-uh. The Face of Excitement. Clearly not. So what’s the story with this Maytag Man looking guy?

    She looks shocked. Was she about to buy that skeleton back there? “I was just looking for the price tag, I swear!”

    Another Park Avenue Hunt Club cover. Seriously, it looks like such a cool club! I want in! Top hats, cigarettes and tommy guns. What’s not to like?

    A cop looks at murder. Or a guy wearing a sleep mask with eye holes cut out of them. Either one works.

    Die, Hamlet! Zoltar demands it!

    This guy looks sorry that he broke that guys window, even as he aims to pump him full of lead. The Rain Came Down indeed.

    Morton & McGarvey, that daredevil duo that bad guys just love to fuck with. “Damn it, Morton! If we’re this far out at sea, the fuse would have had to have been super long before they lit it! Why didn’t you put the damn thing out when you had the chance?”
    “Well, McGarv… that would have soiled these pristine white dress shoes I have one and we just can’t have that, can we?”

    Great covers as always!

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