Issue by Issue – Micronauts #37

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Keith Giffen, Greg LaRoque
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Letters – Jim Novak
Colours – Bob Sharen

The latest issue by Bill Mantlo, Keith Giffen and Greg LaRoque opens up with the X-Men in the Danger Room and as astute readers will likely guess, the Micronauts are going to run into one or all of the mutants at some point. Back on Homeworld, Argon is putting the Body Banks to good use by creating his latest and greatest killer called Huntarr who as his name might suggest, is sent off to hunt down the Micronauts and put them out of Argon’s misery. For their part, the Micronauts are trying to repair the Endeavor yet again, it having taken a bit of damage in their most recent battles and it makes them a sitting duck for Huntarr who catches up to them quite easily. All of this leads to a run-in with Nightcrawler and inexplicably in the Danger Room which was previously shown and now the battle the two forces were having is about to take place in one of the more dangerous environments on the planet Earth and by design. Making it all much worse is the fact that the Danger Room is also not working right and Nightcrawler is unable to stop it before it has run its course meaning the Micronauts must defeat Huntarr while also trying to stay alive from anything and everything that comes their way. Like most of the issues in this series, there is a ton of action present and artists Giffen and LaRoque do a great job of making it all seem both exciting and frenetic with a lot of great moments featuring the Micronauts and particularly Bug and Acroyear really shining through. For the most part, Nightcrawler did little and was sort of unneeded in this book, but he did pull out a save at the end that could very well have spared the Micronauts a very bitter end, so there was at least that. After all was said and done, it looks like the Micronauts are headed back to the Microverse which is a good thing as all of their best adventures happen there.

3.5 out of 5

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