Four Colour Thoughts – Daphne Byrne #1

The Creators – Laura Marks – Writer, Kelley Jones – Artist, Michelle Madsen – Colours, Rob Leigh – Letters

The Players – Daphne Byrne, Althea Byrne, Mrs. Swarthmore

The Story – Daphe Byrne’s father is dead and she wants nothing more than to talk to him and see him again. Soon she receives an offer to meet her father, her ‘real’ father, but will she accept it?

The Take – The latest offering from the Hill House Comics imprint at DC is Daphne Byrne named after its lead protagonist, written by Laura Marks and drawn by Kelley Jones. It finds a family grieving over the loss of its patriarch, father to Daphne and husband to Althea and pushing past that grief is harder than they probably thought it would be. Readers will see Althea going to a mystic, a woman who can communicate with the dead and when she brings her daughter Daphne in to talk to her dearly departed father, it is discovered to be a hoax, though her mother does not seem to care if it is or not. Marks then sends Daphne off to dreamland where she encounters a strange character who promises to reunite her with her father and though not shown, one has to think it is not the same one that just passed by the phrasing of it. Out of all the Hill House books thus far, Daphne Byrne is perhaps the weakest of the bunch though that is not to say it is not any good and it is not uninteresting. The storyline piques the curiosity of the reader just enough and the artwork by Jones is both expressive and creepy, definitely fitting the mould of the line. The only thing really missing is the lack of a punch, that one thing that would really hit the reader where it mattered and would drive it all home, ensuring that this would be a book that would be talked about among fans. Sadly that was missing. In the end, this was a decent read, but it needed just a bit more to make it as good as the previous offerings in the line.

Worth It? – A tentative yes though it might read better in a collected edition.

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