Issue by Issue – Ragman #3

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – The Redondo Studio

A little boy, blind and mute, and his cat accidentally find themselves privy to a private meeting by some criminals and when they notice the child, it sparks a manhunt for the boy so that he might never speak of what they think he saw. Robert Kanigher and The Redondo Studio present another strong chapter in the life of this new hero called Ragman, one filled with both drama and action and featuring the man doing what he does best. As these crooks come across the boy, so too does Ragman and pity the criminals who thought they could get away with the murder of a child. That being said, a couple of the villains get away to inform their boss, the leader of the Syndicate who is tired of all the incompetent mistakes that have been taking place lately and he orders his men to search the entire neighbourhood including the junkyard until the boy is found. Rory Regan takes it upon himself to look after the child no matter what it takes and until he can find where the boy came from. Surprisingly, his girlfriend Bette agrees to help out and they do just that while also showing the kid a good time at the Chinese Festival. Things eventually come to a head though when the Syndicate catches up to them and Ragman must defend the boy and when it is over, Mr. Big, the Syndicate’s leader, lying dead after his failed assassination. When all is said and done, Kanigher has given readers a very dramatic and captivating story which does leave one question to be answered and that is the fate of the two million dollars which still lies in Rory’s backyard. Will he find the cash and be the rich man that his father always promised him he would be or will it lie there forgotten, never to be seen of again? Altogether this was an expertly written piece of work with incredible artistry to match which made for a fantastic read.

4 out of 5

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