Issue by Issue – Hex #5

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Mark Texeira
Inker – Carlos Garzón
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Peter Iro

The men that have been tracking Jonah Hex for stealing the ship full of lotus have caught up to him and Stiletta, but after finally being confronted, Hex proves to be too much for them and once again, the hero of the book has a ship to his name. There is one thing Hex wants though more than anything else and that is to go home and to do that he needs a time machine and the only one available belongs to Borsten. According to Stiletta, the only way he will ever get to that time machine is with a little help and with some weapons and to get both of those, he will need Soames to buy them with. So it is that author Michael Fleisher sets Hex upon a quest to do just that, but there are obstacles in his way that he will have to overcome first, the main one being the man called Chain, hired by the Conglomerate who thinks Hex is somehow tied to Borsten. It is not just Hex that is having problems at the moment though as Borsten himself, the main villain of the book who brought Hex forward in time, is not feeling well as his frequent trips to the past have been taking a heavy toll on him. Borsten thinks they are worth it, as evidenced by how many trips he has been taking of late and he needs to continue until he gets what he needs in order to be the sole power in this future time, eliminating the Conglomerate from their current position. With artwork from the returning Mark Texeira, the book looks incredible, combining the powerful visuals of Jonah Hex, a scarred hero with a future much the same and where survival is a battle. The scenes with Borsten are always interesting and he is starting to transform into a worthy villain despite not doing all that much to Hex. Still, the book belongs to the former cowboy and with Stiletta by his side, he is definitely making this new change of scenery work for him and the reader.

4 out of 5

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