Issue by Issue – Hex #4

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Ron Wagner
Inker – Carlos Garbon
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Duncan Andrews

While Jonah Hex might have found himself an aircraft at the tail-end of the last issue, he has no idea how to fly it and thus crashes, luckily surviving it. Elsewhere, the soldier named Harris who was pulled from Vietnam in the second book is living out interrogation fantasies in his mind as Borsten wants to know where Hex is. Author Michael Fleisher soon cuts back to Hex though and it finds the man a little worse off for wear as the crash busted him up and with nothing to eat or drink on top of that. Like a hallucination, Stiletta appears and whether he admits it or not, saves his life for without her knowledge of this time period, he would have died almost immediately. There is a bit of action present, as is always the case as Hex can never seem to catch a break and Ron Wagner who takes over for Mark Texeira with this issue does a great job at making it an exciting affair. Eventually, with Stiletta’s help, the two find water in a cave and it is here that they face perhaps their greatest challenge yet against giant bloodsucking worms. While all of this is going on, Fleisher and Wagner give readers a look at Borsten and the past and the way he came to power. Once upon a time, the man was a member of Project Cronos and after seeing how their experimental time machine worked and of how he could exploit it, he did just that. There is only one problem that he needs to overcome at the moment, two if he counts Hex among them, and that is gaining control of the Soames standard, those pills which purify water of which they are currently being controlled by an organization called the Conglomerate. While Hex has faced some tough opponents in the past, Borsten is something else and by the time they come face-to-face, it might take all that Hex has to finally beat the man. As it is, when the book comes to its conclusion, it leaves off on a cliff-hanger, Hex and Stiletta under attack yet again and leaving readers wanting more.

4 out of 5

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