Issue by Issue – Micronauts #35

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Val Mayerik
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Joe Rosen

In an extra-length tale by Bill Mantlo and Val Mayerik, the Force Commander of the entire Microverse, King of all he surveys, Argon himself has declared the Micronauts outlaws and enemies to the realm. The man has gone mad with dreams of power and wants the three keys which will unlock the Enigma Force more than anything. It is interesting to see this change in character from Argon, though it is not quite unexpected as he has been through a lot of scenarios, not to mention abuse during his time in this book, things that would break most men. As for the Micronauts, they cannot quite believe it either, especially his sister Marionette, but they will do what it takes to get to Dead Zone and save the universe no matter what it takes. Nearly every page in this issue is action-packed, Mayerik and Danny Bulanadi doing a fantastic job at making Mantlo’s words come alive on the page, the scenes with Acroyear and Devil being especially thrilling as they take on their enemies. A little more history is also given to Wayfinder and his people, of the realm he discovered all those many years ago, of the demons they encountered and what had to happen for them to survive and it definitely adds more depth and gravitas to the proceedings. It is also not long before the Micronauts come into contact with Doctor Strange who is still present in Dead Zone, relating what he knows so that together they might save both the Micro and Macroverse. The only weak point in the entire issue came during the introduction of some new villains to the proceedings, servants of Argon with some regrettable names and character designs, aside from Centauria that is. There is a bit of tragedy that comes about, for one cannot have an epic quest without at least one loss and that comes in the form of Fireflyte. While she only played a small part in the overall tapestry of the Micronauts, it was a sad moment when she passed though she managed to play a big part in Arcturus gaining the Enigma Force when all was said and done. At the end of it all, Mantlo and Mayerik leave readers both satisfied yet wanting more, for while the good guys won out in the end, Argon still lives and though defeated in this one aspect, he still means to bring down the Micronauts with every fibre of his being.

4 out of 5

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