Issue by Issue – Micronauts #33

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Pat Broderick
Inker – Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Jean Simek

In a story called Tropica! by Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick, Acroyear has found himself stranded on one of Homeworld’s many zones which goes by the same name, blinded by an exploding comet. Not soon after there is a misunderstanding where Acroyear believes himself to be attacked, but it comes to light that it is simply a language barrier that almost led to bloodshed and it is here that he meets a new character named Devil from a race of beings also called Devils. Acroyear also meets a fairy-like creature named Fireflyte who not only allows him to speak with Devil and those around him. He learns of a game the Devils play, one that will allow them a great happiness above all others, given to them by a mysterious stranger many years previous. It is a strange game as the Devils all play it endlessly with no one ever winning, but there is more to it all that soon comes to light and by the end of it all, though it looks as if Acroyear might have a battle on his hands, he comes out the other side of it with the third key and a realization that the search for his people will have to wait as he must rejoin the Micronauts in order to save the Microverse. Elsewhere in the book, Mantlo catches readers up on what has been happening with the rest of the team in Subzero Zone which is not what it once was, the sun growing hotter until all of Polaria has melted into nothing but a lake. With Polaria would go many of their people including Prince Peacock who essentially commits suicide, believing that he and his people will be better off. Finally, it all leaves off with Doctor Strange who finds himself on an area of Homeworld called Dead Zone, his quest leading him to what he believes is a dead end. It is here though that Mantlo has been directing the story, leading all of his moving parts towards. Not only has it all been heading to this particular zone, but now with the return of Acroyear and two more potential Micronauts in Fireflyte and Devil and the upcoming betrayal by Prince Pharoid as part of the team heads to Aegypta, the rest of this storyline is sure to be more than epic.

4 out of 5

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